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I recently had the privilege to work with the great El Dorado County Nor. Cal. photographer Craig Koski ( He’s magnificent, and has a well rounded approach to composition and photography and a style all of his own. We had fun, and he wound up taking photos of me in my natural environment doing what I do. Of the couple dozen shots he narrowed it down to, I settled on these seven. I’ve been thinking about the number 7 a lot! How it pertains to so many important aspects of life. From the seven chakras to the seven seas to the seven notes in most musical scales to the seven deadly sins to the seven days of the week to the seven classical planets, the seven wonders of the world, and so on. Lastly, the classical guitar my Grandpa Theodore gave me when I was a boy has serial # of 777. As I delve further and further into my own spiritualism, I think deeply on these matters.

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February 18, 2016 - 5:03 pm

Adam withrow - Modern Gnome with the guitar ax… magic

Drive To The Sun a.k.a. A Date With Nate


My greatest songs are coming to fruition! I have a new album’s worth which I can’t hold back any longer (and a World Tour on my mind!)!! Exploring my roots in my little ol’ hometown of Placerville, California has led me to write freely about subjects close to my heart. My own family history, world history, explorations into spiritualism, environmentalism, and current affairs have all surfaced in my new work. And the more I open up as an artist, the more I find I’m surrounded by a wealth of talent, beauty, and inspiration.
Above all, is Love. I really feel so much love. So much that I needed to make a full length album and sing about love’s many facets. In a world that’s in dire need of healing, I find myself sensitive to the chaos and madness along with all the greatness. Many of the songs within this body of work are reflections of love and from some very special relationships I’ve been able to experience on my path.
My new album fuses Soul, Bossa Nova, Latin, Hip Hop, and Americana into my own contemporary sound! And……I have some cool new interpretations of The Beatles & Marvin Gaye to share!
Please download the two complimentary songs and let me know what you think! If you like it, please consider sharing them, and pre-ordering my upcoming album (just $7!!) at:
Love to you all,

Nate Love Songs Album Cover


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Grandpa Theodore Weldon

This is dedicated to my grandpa Theodore Weldon who passed away July 25th, 2011 while I was traveling in Ireland. He was a mechanical genius and also one of the most chilled out / loving people I’ve ever encountered. He lived to ninety eight years old experiencing quite the range of time / progression of mankind. More than fifty of those years he worked for Southern Pacific as a mechanic and would troubleshoot trains when they had failures. He would’ve been an engineer, but preferred come home to his family at night. I love you grandpa.

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